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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Aroma Magic: three blends to transform your mood

Aroma Magic: three aromatherapy oil blends with the power to transform your mood

For many years in my work as clinical aromatherapist I have witnessed, first hand, the ‘magical’ effect oils can have on your life.

I LOVE using essential oils and want everyone to experience their powerful effects for themselves. Essential oils can help to relieve stress, increase energy, boost the immune system, lift the spirits, help you sleep, keep you awake, ease pains and aches, bring you joy, clear your head, keep you calm, make you smile. And that’s just the beginning…

Too often, in the rush of daily life, we overlook the power and pleasure that scent can bring to our lives. One of the reasons why I became an aromatherapist is the ability of scent to evoke memories and to lift the spirits and the mood. For me, that means whenever I smell roses, I am brought back to my grandmother’s garden with my cousins, aged 4, making perfume in jam jars from rose petals. The memory and the scent transport me once more to those happy moments.

What makes scent special is that it makes you stop what you are doing – and insist that you take time-out to breathe in the aroma. When you inhale the oil, that’s when the magic begins. One of the quickest ways to give yourself a lift with aromatherapy is to keep some essential oils in your bag or purse, on a tissue. Here are my favourite go-to aromatherapy blends to enhance your mood throughout the day.

  1. To lift the spirits

Put 2 drops of Bergamot essential oil on a tissue and breathe it in deeply a few times during the day. Wonderfully refreshing, with a citrus and floral undertone, Bergamot always helps me to relax and “let go” a little.

I also like to put the bergamot-scented tissue in my car so that the beautiful aroma fills the space and makes the drive a much happier experience.

  1. To calm down

Add 2 drops of ylang ylang essential oil to a tissue.

Take three deep breaths breathing in the beautiful aroma of the exotic ylang ylang flower. The effect is immediate. Your anxiety lessens, your blood pressure lowers and you begin to feel calmer. This really works when you are nervous or anxious.

  1. To focus and energise

Really good when you need to stay awake, meet a deadline or just keep going. Add 2 drops of Rosemary and 1 drop of lemon to a tissue. Inhale slowly and you will soon feel stimulated and more alert.

Take a moment: Just remember, wherever you are, stop and make time for the magic of scent.

FLORA – it is all about FLORA

My love for plant oils and art is all rolled into one in Flora, the Goddess of Spring in Botticelli’s exquisite, Primavera.  

I spent ages trying to think of a name for my new products. When I thought about it, I realised it has always been about Flora – the plant kingdom, the goddess…she is always there – For me, everything begins and ends with her –

So the name became FLORA + FIONA.

Working with plant oils, understanding their chemistry and their therapeutic properties is fascinating.  When creating my oil formulations, I am always respectful of the origin and purity of the oils, I believe that when it comes to beauty, choosing a simple, natural formulation is the best choice.   The products work, you feel wonderful and it is true, less is always more.