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The Story of FLORA+FIONA

My life, for the past twenty years, has been a love affair with aromatic plants and essential oils. As a clinical aromatherapist I have studied, and worked extensively with, these beautiful, beneficial, complex, fragrant botanicals and I continue to marvel at their extraordinary properties.

Over the years, I have created customised blends for myself and for many clients who have felt their amazing benefits. Plant oils contain naturally active ingredients full of nutrients and antioxidants to nourish, protect and heal the skin while having a positive effect on our emotions. All my formulations are fine tuned with a clear purpose whether it is to enrich and add radiance to the skin, to boost energy and the immune system, help lift the spirits, to relax or get a good night’s sleep.

I have searched far and wide to find the purest of plant oils, lovingly tended and harvested by farmers and distillers, who share my love of nature and the gift of these precious oils. The oils I have chosen whether it is Jasmine from Egypt, Vetiver from Sri Lanka or Ravintsara from Madagascar, all are organic or wild harvested from ethical growers.

I make all my FLORA + FIONA products in Ireland. Each product is formulated, hand blended and hand poured by myself in small batches to preserve their unique potency.

These oils have a vitality and energy linking the senses to the body. By tuning into our senses, their unique aroma has the power to transform and evoke feelings of calm, comfort and joy.

Just breathe them in and take a moment to experience these beautiful oils.