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Prickly Pear Oil: A Precious Oil

Indian fig opuntia, barbary fig, cactus pear, spineless cactus, prickly pear. Opuntia ficus-indica. Edible cactus pear on cactus opuntia rufida


Botanical Name: Opuntia Ficus Indica – distllled from the Prickly Pear Cactus seed

Prickly Pear oil is one of my favourite plant oils for the skin and one of the most precious. It is expensive but worth it because of its many benefits on skin health.  I use it in both FLORA+FIONA Facial Oil and FLORA+FIONA Velvet Skin Body Oil.

Why is it so special?

  • Exceptional skin hydrating properties
  • Rich in antioxidant, Vitamin E – It has a higher concentration than any other plant oil
  • Highest percentage of essential fatty acids. Omega 6 and 9.
  • Excellent for mature or damaged skin
  • Increases elasticity and brightens the skin adding radiance
  • Deeply moisturising and easily absorbed
  • Ideal for sensitive skin and dry skin
  • Reduces redness and hyper-pigmentation
  • Vitamin K to reduce brown spots

While these properties add to the physical well-being of your body and skin no oil is included in my blends that doesn’t also contribute to the emotional well being of the user. I talk about this in more detail in another recent post to this blog.

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