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F+F HOME – THE HOME FRAGRANCE GIFT – 3 Diffuser oil blends & Room Diffuser

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The Perfect Room Diffusion Gift

FLORA + FIONA  Home –   Take a Moment oil blend, The Protector oil blend and the Mael room diffuser.

Pure botanical oils, 100% natural. Handmade in Ireland with care.

All oils sourced in Ireland.

Take a Moment – oil diffuser blend-  

(10ml)/.34fl.oz   glass bottles with dropper

The Mood Boost

I have been reading research on aroma psychology and how aroma can boost our overall health and wellbeing.

Given the current pandemic, I have chosen to blend oils that I have used for over 20 years for their mood-boosting qualities. A firm favourite of mine of course is bergamot. To this, I added cheering grapefruit and rose geranium with a little lavender to balance the aroma and aid relaxation.  I think it smells divine!

Take those moments and enjoy the aroma.

The Protector – oil diffuser blend

This is a blend of powerful and invigorating oils including eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and lemon essential oils. All perfectly balanced.  This is my first blend of essential oils to use in room diffusers. Given the current pandemic, I chose oils that are known to have anti-bacterial anti-viral and antiseptic qualities but I also wanted an uplifting aroma.

Walk in the Woods –  Happy Days

I wanted to capture that wonderful feeling after a walk in the woods. – Grounded but also invigorated. I love blending conifer oils – Siberian Fir, Cypress and Juniper hit the perfect note together.

Lift the spirits, clean the air and make a room smell divine. 


Just 6-8 drops of the oil into the water in your room diffuser. Turn on for 60 minutes and enjoy.


The MAËL Diffuser –  Light Grey

Collaboration with Benoit Nicol of The Nature of Things  – Room Diffuser and Essential Oils

I am very happy to be selling a room diffuser and some of my favourite essential oils from Benoit Nicol of The Nature of Things.

I really like the MAËL room diffuser and find it excellent to diffuse the oils. It is also a cool design and blends well in every space.

Simply fill the water container to the maximum water mark level and add 6-8 drops of your essential oils and the diffuser will spread a fine scented mist throughout your room.

It will perfectly complement my new room diffuser oils – The Protector, Take a Moment and Walk in the Woods –


How to Use

  • Place the diffuser on a flat surface at the desired location
  • Remove the lid/top to fill with water to the maximum mark.
  • Add 6-8 drops of essential oils/ diffuser blend
  • Close the lid
  • Turn on the diffuser
  • The diffuser switches off automatically when the water container is empty
  • MAËL diffusers can be set to operate for 1, 3, 6 hours or continuously
  • Please refer to the manual for further instructions


  • Always switch the diffuser off and disconnect the plug before cleaning
  • Never immerse the device in water but use a damp cloth if you want to clean the outside
  • The ultrasound membrane should be cleaned regularly with a cotton swab, using a descaler such as lemon juice or other if it is clogged.





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