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The Spring Clean: A car spray to get you there healthy and happy

An energising and clearing spray for your car to help you get from A to B, healthy and happy.
An energising and clearing spray for your car to help you get from A to B, healthy and happy.

Winter is coming to a close and there is a spring in our step. Traditionally, the brighter longer days give us an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and get stuck into a big spring clean. Using the therapeutic power of essential oils we can make this more than just a mammoth bout of cleaning. We can take the opportunity to lift our senses and clear our minds by adding some carefully chosen oils to our cleaning routine. I’ll be sharing a few different ideas about how to use essential oils day to day over the coming weeks. However, the recent good weather got me thinking about hopping in the car and hitting the road!

Some of us spend a fair bit of time every day in our cars. It’s a space we sometimes overlook when we are undertaking our spring clean. Do you ever consider what the dark and poky interior of your car might be harbouring? Don’t think about it too much and certainly don’t Google it! Yes you may get your car valeted but the chemical cleaners used by valeting companies will do little to raise your mood and energise your spirit.

Help is at hand! I have formulated a spray that helps in a number of ways. This fresh and energising formula will clear the stuffy air in the car and the cheering aroma will lift the mood and bring a smile to your face. The addition of zingy lemon will help you focus and has nausea reducing properties which should be a boon to uneasy travellers. Bergamot has calming properties to ease the stress of driving. The uplifting power of Cypress oil will help you arrive with a smile and the Scots Pine oil brings its cleansing and clearing properties to the mix. All in all a powerful little spray for you to have in the car.

I spritz this in the car before I take off on a drive. All four oils have antiseptic properties so, spray on the dashboard and clean with a dry cloth and let those oils get to work on those unwanted bacterial stowaways.

If you travel a lot by land, sea or air my Carry-On Travel Oil comes highly recommended and the handy size means that you can pop it in your carry-on luggage or in your glove compartment. Then you can roll it on and take a moment to breathe in its powerful, protective properties.

But while you wait for your Carry-On Travel Oil to be delivered rustle up a bottle of this energising and clearing car spray and prepare yourself for the road.

Energising and Clearing Car Spray

Equipment: 50ml Bottle of water with spray attachment

A recipe for an energising and clearing spray for your car to help you get from A to B, healthy and happy.
Click here to download a printable version of this recipe for you to keep in your collection.

Essential Oils

  • 7 drops Bergamot
  • 4 drops Cypress
  • 4 drops Scots Pine
  • 3 drops Lemon
  • Optional: 1 tsp vodka

Total: 18 drops of essential oil


  1. Add drops to the water and shake well. The oil will rise to the surface so shake well every time you use it. Will last about 3 weeks.
  2. If you want the oils to dilute into the mix to avoid separation,  add one teaspoon of vodka to the water before you put in the essential oil. 

Using Essential Oils

When used appropriately, essential oils are a wonderful way to promote health and wellness in your home and in your life.
They are a way to connect with nature on a sensory level and can evoke happy memories and feelings of joy in a moment. Enjoy those moments and feel the benefits as you incorporate them into your everyday life.
Do remember that essential oils are highly concentrated powerful botanicals. Each drop is distilled from a large quantity of plant material so only a little needs to be used. Always adopt the less is more approach.
These oils are precious gifts from nature and should be used sparingly. They can also be harmful and are never to be used directly on the skin.
Read more about essential oil safety.